Start the evening with an Aperitif of sparkling Malbec Rosé NV before sitting down to a specially prepared three course meal.

Ecudorian seabass ceviche coconut and lime
Torrontes, Escondido, Gouchguenheim
Chardonnay, Gouguenheim

Main Course

Sirloin steak, Malbec jus fonfant potato and wilted leaf spinach
Malbec Reserva, Gouguenheim, Mendoza
Cabernet-Sauvignon, Gouguenheim, Mendoza


Selection of British cheeses
Flores del Valle Blue Melosa Malbec

 History of the company

Born in Argentina to French parents, Patricio Gouguenheim’s love for wine started at the age of 7 when he was given a little bit of wine (mixed with sparkling water!) with every meal. No doubt this was a catalyst for him entering the world of wine later on in life. During the years 1999 to 2002, Patricio’s job (mergers and acquisitions) took him to Mendoza, now the epicentre of Argentina’s wine industry. It was at that time when he envisioned that it was the right time for Argentine wines to gain international reputation in the world markets. It was during the year 2002, when Argentina went into a big economic crash and GDP collapsed that he decided to enter the wine market (as everyone else was leaving…). He found a very old winery located in the Uco Valley, with a lot of small tanks ideal for the production of high quality wines, and that was the start of his venture in this wonderful, crazy business! He hung up his suit and tie, and started working in the great outdoors. Since its beginning the winery has become one of the best performing/top quality wineries in Argentina, with its wines currently sold in 15 countries.

Please note for your Diary 2015

 Thursday 3rd December – Thienot Champagne