Life is ever interesting. Whether regarded as a pantomime or charade I find it ever amazing how one face betrays another. The rich spiders web that some weave, whether it be an everyday person, a magician or chef. Each intricately plays their game not telling the truth but carefully telling no lie. Often giving just so much to wet an appetite but without the detail. So many wonder how these marvels occur and some innocently just accept without question.

As the years have passed by, many tricksters have been exposed and exposed they should be as transparency and honesty is a call of the day, though sometimes an illusion should remain and the magic kept. You yourself have to be the decider of just how honest you have to be and what effect your actions would be or will be on others. Each situation has to be judged separately. Who has the right to shatter the excitement of Christmas or the magic of the Tooth Fairy. Whether fictional or not, we all deserve magic in our lives and have to believe that someone somewhere, thinks enough to care, to create some appreciative magic and make us feel special.

That aside honesty among groups of people is left to the situation. I was horrified some years ago when I learnt how having shared a delicious Chicken Recipe I was castigated for using Tomato Ketchup as an ingredient – which “they” proclaimed “they” could never do – but who was to know unless they told the recipients. I have to confess that I have been caught being too honest on several occasions and paid the price. With hindsight, would I have done anything different, the answer would be no. The truth has always to win though I know many who sit in defiance and sit behind their other face and so the rich web of life. So I share this month’s recipe honestly which I created from ingredients oin the fridge and freezer – the result – I was delighted.


Casket of Scallops and Asparagus

Quantities can be adjusted depending on the number of people to be served

Ready rolled Puff Pastry – cut and baked – making square Vol au Vents

Leeks – chopped and sweated in a little butter in the microwave

Salad Potatoes – cooked and sliced

Scallops – if using King you might slice them in two making two rounds

Asparagus Spears – blanched in boiling water and chilled

Tin of Lobster Bisque or Fish Soup


Double Cream and Butter.


(You could use other fish like Lobster, Monkfish, Tuna or uncooked Prawns – Broccoli or Cauliflower Florets instead of Asparagus)


  1. Put the soup into a pan and heat.
  2. Add the cooked Leeks, Potatoes, Scallops and continue to heat just enough to cook the Scallops (if using other fish you may choose to cook it first) – just a few minutes.
  3. Now add a slug of Brandy and some Double Cream to enrich the mixture. At this point add an egg yolk or two and some knobs of butter. This will thicken the liquid content (be sure not to boil it as it will curdle)
  4. Pour boiling water onto to Asparagus and drain
  5. Spoon the fish mixture into warmed Vol au Vents – top with Asparagus and top with the lid and serve.

A meal in itself – enjoy and don’t tell you used a tin of soup !!