Cooking for people you don’t necessarily know these days can be a nightmare especially when some don’t have the good manners to advise that they have what is known these days as a ‘food preference’ Some years ago I was just about to serve the main course, a succulent leg of best English Lamb to be told oh ! My husband doesn’t eat Lamb! Luckily I had a breast of chicken in the fridge which I quickly poached and served as an alternative. Courtesy says that if you are invited anywhere, where food is being served, then advising your host of your ‘food preferences’ saves any embarrassment for all parties concerned. Though I do find occasionally that the odd person does like to “make a fuss” and feels robbed if satisfaction is not achieved.

Some preferences can be challenging – the old title of being vegetarian which fitted into two categories of Vegan or Lacto doesn’t apply these days either. Some regard themselves as being vegetarian, but will eat fish and or white meat. Then one has to contend with the allergy brigade. Coeliac (gluton free) Lactose intolerant, Nut allergy and a further endless list of other things that people avoid.

Thankfully the retailers have responded – be it slowly but there are choices to be had. I noted only the other day Fresh – Ready to Roll Gluten Free Pastry. Don’t know what it tastes like or how it handles yet, but hey it’s on the shelves so somebody must be buying it.

With this in mind how about making a nice Gluten free White Sauce.

50g Butter

50g Gluten Free flour or Rice Flour

600ml Milk

Put all in a Saucepan and stir over a gentle heat until thickened and bring to the boil.

Now we can begin:

  1. Add cooked fish, chopped hard boiled Eggs, chopped Parsely and top withPastry or Mashed Potato for Fish Pie fishpie
  1. Add diced chopped cooked Chicken Breast, Sweetcorn & Peastop with pastry or a Savoury crumble
  1. Use Stock instead of Milk and finish with Cream for a Richer Sauce – add cooked meats ( Chicken, Turkey, Rabbit) and or vegetables and serve with steamed Rice. Chicken & vegetable Pie
  1. Make Pancakes with Gluten free Flour. Fill with cooked Minced Beef and Spinach roll – place into an ovenproof dish, coat with the sauce and bake (Canelloni)PancakeCanelloni