Spinach SaladAs I sit at my desk one would think Summer had evaporated and the grey doom and glue had taken over. However ever optimistic one must focus on bright hazy summer days. Our food desires change to lighter more interesting foods with colour and texture – whether plucked from the garden, local farm shop or sliding through the local supermarket.

Cold collations – salads – meats – BBQ’s the choices are endless. What ever you choose can be tickled with a flavoursome sauce. Buy it – or make it, the choice is entirely yours – though I would recommend you have an adventure. Think of sweet – sugar – honey – fruit juices – conserves. Then acid – vinegars – citrus. A carrier like oil (many different types) – yoghurt – mayonnaise – sour cream. You can make Salsas – and garnishes. Then herbs, mustards, spices. Look for recipes to give you a guide and then try adding something new or growing in the garden. Pungent smells of the intoxicating Basil, Rosemary and Lavender.
Bitterness of Rocket and Chicory. Tomatoes are best kept in the kitchen and not in the refrigerator – Strawberries are best at room temperature instead of from the fridge – try putting elder flowers draped on top for a few hours with a sprinkling of Icing Sugar.

Lettuces and Leaves of all kinds. Young Dandelion leaves – Nasturtiums Leaves and Flowers. So many can be grown in pots on windowsills and then of course shoots and beans readily germinated for nutrition.

Whether you use a firm favourite or add a little extra something – tickle the taste buds with colours, smells and textures they are all out there ripe and ready for plucking.

Chicken Salad 

1.5 lbs of Freshly cooked, diced Chicken Breast
4 ozs each of Pecan Nuts and Walnuts freshly roasted till golden
4 ozs Mayonnaise and 4 ozs Sour Cream mixed together
Small bunch of chopped Tarragon
8 ozs halved Seedless Grapes
Spoon of grain Mustard – optional

Prepare all the ingredients. Place in a bowl and stir up.

Tip onto a bed of fresh crisp Salad Leaves. Sprinkle with a little more chopped Tarragon or Parsley and serve.

Try a Tomato and Red Onion Salad with Shredded Basil – or a grated Carrot Salad with Soaked Sultanas and Vinaigrette. How about some Jersey Mids, a Jacket Potato or just freshly baked loaf of Ciabatta.