We have traversed along way now from the classic mashed potato which seemed to be the staple of every meal years past. Not sure whether it is not wanting to peel or dietary changes concerning carbohydrates. Maybe Pasta and Rice was more convenient though oven chips seem to be very popular. Personally I don’t think you can beat a good Roast Potato or a nice Mashed Potato. Though I do have to say the Potato variety is very important and we do not get much variety at the supermarkets these days. A trip to the local Farm Shop can be very rewarding – why not buy a bag and keep in a cool dark place and you will keep the potatoes whilst you use them up. I do find that steaming potatoes for mash much better than boiling – sometime I will add Parsnips or Celeriac, Carrots, Beetroot, Swede to add something different. Or when mashing add some Horseradish Cream, Grain Mustard, maybe even Pesto. Mash of course can be made in advance. I then put in into an oven proof dish and top with knobs of butter. When I want to serve I put it into a hot oven and crisp the top till golden. My “Crusted Mashed Potato”Pesto Coated Potatoes

I am not a great lover of the fashionable Baby New Potatoes as they often explode in the pan and become soup. Better the so called Salad varieties like Charlotte or Vivaldi. Tossed with a little butter or how about some Pesto or even some marmite (I like doing that with Roast Potatoes) Again for a party I may boil the potatoes and toss in the pesto – leave to one side to cool. When I want to serve – into a hot oven till golden and heated through and hey presto.

Marmite Coated PotatoesIt is also interesting how some of the Readymade Soups can be applied to add a Sauce to a dish like an oven baked Chicken Fillet or Fillet of Fish. Maybe even use them and add other things to it – all for the sake of something quick.

Crusted Loin of Cod

Portions of Loin of Cod

Low fat Yoghurt

Pesto – Green or Tomato or Red

Freshly chopped ParsleyHerby Baked Cod

  1. Place the Fish in an Oven Proof Dish, Season and drizzle with a little Olive Oil.
  2. Place in a pre heated hot oven
  3. Mix together some Yoghurt, a couple of teasoopns of Pesto and some Chopped Parsley.
  4. After about 10 minutes remove Fish and pour over the mixture. Either return to the oven or place under a hot grill to glaze and colour and serve.