Having been taught by what can be termed as the French Classic Cuisine I now find it such an adventure when British chefs explore their culinary skills and even more their literacy when writing their menus or describing their created dishes. The most boring of course is – a something with a something with a something, coated with a something or something on the side. Even better amusement is when something like a cappuccino is created when making a tomato soup – A Cappuccino of Fresh Tomato and Basil Soup. Whether this is adventure or classically twisting something, can be a debate in itself. Time is out as to whether Jamie Oliver can call Paella with chorizo in it Paella or is it a Risotto with Fish and Chorizo. It remains however that the English language is rich with words. Why the senses shouldn’t be stimulated with not only the look and smell of prepared dishes but also a literary description, conjuring up a picture and stimulation of a prepared dish to be consumed. The only drawback of course is if the description falls far short of that description which can often be the case.

So I urge you to use your imagination when creating. If childhood terminology helps to stimulate the taste buds then refer as you will. One of my favourites and of those who have consumed it is ‘Roast Dinner Pie’. Sometimes preferred to the Roast Dinner and the leftovers from which it is created. Suppers of Pot Luck, Hashes of any kind, Bubble and Squeak, Cobblers, Cakes and the list goes on. My grandmother introduced us to Mince Crumble – minced beef with carrots and onions topped with a non sugared crumble. Porridge Oats were added sometimes and cayenne pepper for seasoning and a little extra bite.

So faced with a dilemma I ventured to make a Tiramisu without coffee or my favoured Panetonne at this time of the year. A resounding success for this translation of a ‘pick me up’, ‘cheer me up’ or ‘lift me up’

White Chocolate and Orange Tiramisu

500g of made custard (bought or homemade)

250g Cream Cheese

8oz White Chocolate – melted and cooled

½ pt Double Cream – whipped

Sponge – Panetonne, Pandora, Plain Sponge – sliced thinly about ¾ inch


Fruit Tea – made and chilled – about a cup (Passionfruit is good others will do)

Orange Liqueur

Cocoa Powder

  1. Cream together the Custard, Cream Cheese and Double Cream to make a light Custard
  2. Spread sliced sponge with Marmalade
  3. Mix together Tea and Liqueur.
  4. In a dessert/trifle bowl spread a little of the custard. Put slices of sponge, marmalade down to cover. Sprinkle the sponge with the Tea & Liqueur mixture to soak.
  5. Spread a layer of custard and repeat the process.
  6. Once the bowl/dish is filled make sure you finish with a layer of custard.
  7. Top with sifted Cocoa powder and refrigerate overnight

Serve as required

Simple and delicious – serves 8 – 10. Adjust quantities as required.