It is interesting often for myself how and when I find the inspiration for each month’s recipe. Sometimes a trip to the Supermarket or a Restaurant. Other times reading a journal or simply looking in the fridge or store cupboards to see what there is to use.

This time of year, of course one can be influenced by the weather and the promise of Alfresco dining and of course cooking in the garden. Then the debate of Charcoal or Gas.

That debate I will leave to your esteemed volunteer as to which is preferred. I use both Gas for convenience and charcoal when large quantities are required – I even have electric cooking pans for outside cooking. So, whilst trays of prepared foods are handed to said volunteer to display their culinary prowess in the garden somebody must create accompaniments. Often hunger stoppers whilst the cooking takes place. Isn’t it always a wonder how it all takes much longer than advised!! Charcoal really does take at least 30 – 45 mins before it is ready for action.

I recently hosted a dinner party in the garden for a local group. I wondered how to serve the potatoes and have subsequently decided to share some different ways to serve potatoes.

I would suggest using a salad potato like Charlotte or Anya but baby potatoes can be fine but do try and cook them before they explode.

Basic Potato Salad: Cut Potatoes into edible pieces and boil till cooked. Drain and add a good vinaigrette (homemade or bought) turn over so that the vinaigrette is absorbed by the warm potatoes and leave to cool. Then add Mayonnaise and finely chopped Onions, Chives or Spring Onions and serve.

Luxury Potato Salad (warm) Chop bacon and fry till crispy. Have hard boiled Eggs, shell and chop roughly. Add chopped Spring Onions and a slug of Vinaigrette. Put all these ingredients into a large bowl with Mayonnaise. Cut Potatoes into edible pieces and boil till cooked. Drain and then add to bowl and mix –  then serve whilst still warm. Lovely with a Roasted Gammon.

Other Ideas

Prepare potatoes (I usually keep skins on) Boil till cooked. I try and catch them before fully cooked. Drain and whilst still hot I dress them with.

  • Green Pesto – 2) Red Pesto

You could make a rich Tomato Sauce and coat the potatoes and finish in the oven till golden.

Roast the potatoes and when cooked toss in Marmite or Vegemite.

Guess that should give you some ideas –