Braised Beef with Red Wine & Cranberry

1 kg of Braising Steaks (6 Steaks)                     3 Onions – prepared and sliced

Red Wine                                                       Stock Cubes

Grated Rind of a Large Orange and Juice             Flour for dusting

3 tbsp Cranberry Sauce                                   Oil

Dust the steaks in the flour. Pan fry until golden brown and place into an oven proof lidded dish

Now brown the onions, Do not burn them. Add the beef. Add the Orange Rind, Juice Wine and stock cubes. Top up with water to cover. Add Salt and Pepper. Return to oven dish. Cover and cook slowly in the oven about 140C Gas 4 for about 2 hours or more till Beef is tender. (Use the slow cooker if you prefer)

Then stir in the Cranberry Sauce – add Fresh Cranberry’s if you like. Check the Seasoning and serve.

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