Bread and Butter Pudding with Panettone


Adjust quantities according to numbers being catered for these quantities will serve about four.
Softened Butter                            Sliced Panettone of your choice (5 Slices)
2 Eggs                                              ¼ pint of Double cream
½ pt Milk                                        Splash of Vanilla
2ozs castor Sugar                        Marmalade (optional)
Spread softened butter onto Panettone also Marmalade if chosen. Cut into wedges and lay into a shallow oven proof dish overlapping slightly.
Whisk together the Eggs, Cream, Milk, Vanilla and Sugar (add a little Whisky or Brandy)
Pour over the Panettone. Bake in a medium oven until golden and the egg custard is just set.
Serve warm with Pouring Cream    

B7B Pudding