Prawn Cocktail – with a Mexican Twist

Bloody Mary – make a Spicy Bloody Mary combining – Tomatoes (chopped –canned) or make fresh, add some Ketchup – Chopped Chilli (optional) – Crushed Garlic – Vodka or Tequila.

Whizz up in a Liquidiser and chill.

Next combine: Prawns (You can add other shell fish like Crab Meat – shredded Crab Sticks or cooked Scallops) Chopped Cucumber – Chopped Tomato – Chopped Mint & or Chopped Coriander.

Shred some Lettuce and place into the bottom of some glasses or individual serving dishes. Then spoon the Fish mixture on top.

Pour the chilled Bloody Mary over – decorate and serve with Brown Bread or Melba Toast