Are you frustrated watching the younger generation attached to what seems every waking hour of the day attached to the appendage of their mobile device or wonder at their ability to be glued to the magic screen of the computer or any other gismo that gives them access to the worldwide web?

Then you may well come from a generation that used phones at the bottom of the road and when you wanted to know something you either asked somebody or went to the local library. Failing that you had a quill and ink or equivalent and wrote a letter to a person or sent a card. Letters to family in Australia could takes months and a response well who knows.


Nothing has changed so fast and so dramatically in the last 100 and more years than that which has developed in the past 20 so far as communication technology. The ultimate intrusion to our calm ordered lives which has seen the development of the Instant Age – Instant Coffee – Instant Tea – Ready Meals – Instant Porridge. Actually few people now know the rudiments of cooking or care that much and now we have a generation who either do care or don’t care about this new era.  One thing is for sure communication and the speed at which it can be transferred is NOT going to go away. So if you think that by putting your head in the sand hoping it will pass you by, then think again –


Somebody somewhere, is or has been talking about YOU on the Internet whether you are part of it or not or whether you like it or not.


So maybe you do remember how you used to meet people or engage with them. This would depend on whether you categorised them as friends – acquaintances – business related connections or other. At school you had class mates – some you liked some you didn’t. The same applied to work colleagues. Then you might have met fellow parents on the school run or people in the park whilst walking the dog. The engagements with people varied. Some endure and some move on and past by – some we contact at Christmas or just once a year. Either way these people have played a part in our lives in some way or other.


How many of us have been asked if they knew of somebody who did decorating or plumbing. Have you given a name or a contact that was familiar to you? One of the ways the freemasons worked – knowing a fellow colleague ‘on the square’ and recommending them to another brother. This is categorised now as ‘Networking’ or as Deborah Kerr sang ‘Getting to Know You’‘Being Social’


Many have lived with colour television – some can remember black and white and some crystal radios. An AGE not so many years ago in the history of the world but an AGE away from what we have now and of no interest to the young of today who have no time for such stories or nostalgia.


We have brought them up in the Instant Age and yet some if us refuse or have chosen not to join them and enjoy the benefits of it.


Engagement with another person involves dialogue. Some stories you tell some you keep secret. Some you share, some you don’t, some of it is gossip or hearsay or tittle tattle it is like that and nothing more. At the end of the day much of it doesn’t really matter unless it is factual or relevant to the person/persons in receipt.


Regrettably one skill we seem to have lost not only in this but many other applications of life and that is Etiquette or having consideration and respect for our fellow beings.


So maybe my waffling has gone on enough but now we have to introduce Media – a tool of communication. Whether Television, Radio, Newspapers or Cinema. These are all ways that we receive information and some of it is intrusive some of it we ignore. Most of this we just go along with and have no recourse or ability to respond on whether we like it or not – it is a one way flow of traffic……………………


NOW let’s add SOCIAL into the equation and put MEDIA to that. We get the application of the earlier paragraphs and add the later ones and arrive at SOCIAL MEDIACommunication in both directions over the Internet.


The Internet is a library of information which has very few boundaries. Just type in your name on one of the many search engines and see what turns up – you will be amazed or even shocked at what you see or find. Our minds are a catalogue of enquiry and questions absorbing information constantly and now it is all at our finger tips 24 hours a day.


Communication with family across the globe is a mere press of a button and with cam cameras you can actually see each other too. In addition you have all this facility too in the palm of your hand if you have one of the new generations of ‘Smart ‘mobile phones.


Where will it all take us I am sure we all wonder – but the technology continues to develop and is so far limitless. The old TV series of space age imagined gismos are now a reality and will continue to be for sure.


So in conclusion.


Do not expound your thoughts on Social Media if you don’t understand it – be honest and admit you don’t.

Do not dismiss it – over 800 million people around the world are using it. The highest users at present average age are about 35 – the next growth area is expected to be the older generations as they grasp the concept.

Do not enter into or start a site – before you do some research and get some advice or information of what to do or not to do.

Do not talk about the wrongs of it –until you have set up your choices, security settings and your preferences, correctly.

Do not put things – on the site that might offend others or cause controversy or that you might regret late in life


And most importantly


Do not let this wonderful world of technology pass you by….LEARN and don’t stagnate or become a crusty old dinosaur and become extinct.