How are you coping with this super and fast ‘Instant Age?’ If it wasn’t enough raping us with Instant Coffee, Instant Tea and Fast Instant Food our every day existence has been invaded too. Whether you are coping or ignoring it, things will never be the same again. Few of the younger generation have any interest in the phone that was down the road, when now it is in the palm of their hand or entertainment on a box in the front room, when any amusement is instantly at their fingertips. Communication instant – no need for snail mail or a telegram – think and send a message in an Instant.

Like the pioneers of yesteryear we need to embrace change and draw our own conclusions on whether we like it or not. Certainly don’t be influenced by others opinions or narrow mindedness you never know, you might just like it. As with trying new foods draw intelligent and concise opinions on whether something suits you or not. As they say ‘Try everything once – If you like it, you can do it again and if you don’t, you can talk about it with authority’

 I am often advising people of my two types of food shopping. The quick I am in a hurry type with shopping list. The second, the cruise looking at the shelves top to bottom and finding new and innovative things to create the next culinary delight or short cut. In the same way the Internet and Technology can be of great help. Just ask and the answer is there somewhere – either anybody will do or a website. Mine:  See me on Facebook – Art of Entertaining. If you see the page and click ‘Like’ you will get my updates automatically.

Creamed Fish Curry – In the Microwave

 50g Desiccated Coconut                          1 Bay Leaf

300ml Milk

625g White Firm Skinless Fish Fillets          4 Teaspoons Corn Flour

2 tbspn Oil                                                               1 Onion finely chopped

2-3 tsp Curry Powder                                         1 – 2 tbsp Fruit Chutney or Pickle

Lemon Juice a little                                             Peeled Prawns – optional

Put the Milk, Coconut and Bay leaf in a bowl and heat uncovered HIGH for 2 -3 Minutes to nearly boiling. Leave to stand and infuse, then strain.

Cut Fish into chunks and toss in flour

Put Onion, Oil and Curry Powder in a bowl cover loosely and cook on HIGH for 4 -5 minutes.

Add Fish and Infused Milk – stir gently – cover loosely and cook on HIGH 7 – 9 minutes

Add Chutney and Lemon Juice – and Prawns – check taste and cook for HIGH for 1 more minute to heat through.

Serve with Steamed Rice and a Nice Crunchy Salad

How Instant is that ????