I wonder just how many have wondered why it is that carriage horses where blinkers and even some race horses. They have eyes on the side of their head giving them a 180 degree vision. So to avoid distraction or alarm, blinkers are applied to prevent distraction or alarm. We, also have 180 degree vision, do not wear blinkers but are often blind to what is around us. I also remember a Confucius saying “close your eyes – what do you hear?” Our senses are a blessing though many times in the course of a day we ignore that blessing or blinker what we see and hear. In this way we close our minds to the reality of everyday happenings. Sometimes ‘time’ does not allow us to really absorb what is around us but everyone should allow at least a few moments to sit and just arrive properly at the point we are at, at that moment. So often caught in the whirlwind of everyday life we blow through and miss so much.

The institution of ‘meal times’ can also be a ritual that is rewarding when ‘the family’ gathers and sits to share not only the fare prepared but also to share the experiences of the day and hopes for tomorrow. This now sadly is often missed with the preferred interjection of TV and lack of a dining table as a meeting point. Communication becomes stunted and sterile and misunderstandings often ensue. People wonder what has gone wrong with our society – Lack of respect for each other and of the things around us with instant amusement – instant food and instant relationships. Maybe it is time to sit and ponder and assess how we could make our lives and ‘being’ more aware.

In the same way our food choices and thoughts do become blinkered falling for the ever faithful, tried and tested. Yet continuously we are bombarded with TV Chef programs and promotions for foods everywhere we go.

My recipe this month is not rocket science and was inspired by watching a TV demonstration of Mexican food and an idea I had no concept of. The famous 60’s Prawn Cocktail but lighter healthier and easy.

Prawn Cocktail – with a Mexican Twist

Bloody Mary – make a Spicy Bloody Mary combining – Tomatoes (chopped –canned) or make fresh, add some Ketchup – Chopped Chilli (optional) – Crushed Garlic – Vodka or Tequila.

Whizz up in a Liquidiser and chill.

Next combine: Prawns (You can add other shell fish like Crab Meat – shredded Crab Sticks or cooked Scallops) Chopped Cucumber – Chopped Tomato – Chopped Mint & or Chopped Coriander.

Shred some Lettuce and place into the bottom of some glasses or individual serving dishes. Then spoon the Fish mixture on top.

Pour the chilled Bloody Mary over – decorate and serve with Brown Bread or Melba Toast