As we continue to strive to feed the ever hungry mouths that we feed and also having to keep their palates tickled with new flavours and interests, save but for sinking to the ‘same old’ I thought I’d mention this tiresome dilemma. Left-over’s in the fridge – and not quite enough to go around. I am often trying to see what I can use up successfully and prevent it being condemned to the bin.

A ratatouille leftover the other night was extended with the addition of some cut up cooked sausages, crispy bacon bits some extra Tomato Sauce(Ketchup) and Penne Pasta. New Potatoes take on a new dimension when tossed with Pesto – green or red or roasted and tossed in a little Marmite. Cream Cheese can often be used instead of Cream to make a Sauce for Grilled Meats or Pasta. Add some Grain Mustard/ Honey or Pesto.

A few leaves and a Salad. How about sliced mushrooms (uncooked) – Feta Cheese –cubed. Fresh Beetroot grated. A carrot – grated. Apples. You could even blanch some vegetables like Kenya Beans or even open a tin of pulses like Flageolets or Cannelli. I like to mix them with a tin of Tuna – Spring Onions/Cucumber/Avocado/Tomatoes.

The store cupboard of course can be a cornucopia of inspiration. Tinned chopped Tomatoes, Packets of Stuffing Mixes, Pulses Dried and Tinned, Soups particularly like Mushroom, Tomato and Bisque. Sometimes a mix can help like a Pizza Mix or Crumble topping for speed. Breadcrumbs can also inspire either for toppings or coating. Great for croquettes or cakes such as fish cakes or ham cakes. Cold rice can be turned in to arancini. Instant Potato or Ground Rice for thickening can add texture and bulk.

For a quick dessert

Yoghurt and Honey Cheesecake


1 Flan ring – about 6 -7 inch round

Cream together – 175g Cream Cheese and 150g Natural Low fat Yoghurt

Add 1 tsp Vanilla Essence – 2 Tbsp Thick Honey – 2 tsps of Lemon Juice

Make sure they are all blended thoroughly.


Put into flan case – top with berries of your choice or a mixture and chill.