It occurred to me with all the controversy on the media front just how confusing the messages are about what you should eat and not eat and the quantities. In this light I thought I would start to do a series on notes on specific foods and their possible uses. 


 So the start the ball rolling here are some notes about the TOMATO.

Tomato, a nutritious fruit commonly used as a vegetable, is another wonderful gift of Mayans. The humble vegetable has grabbed the attention of millions of health seekers for its incredible phyto-chemical properties. Interestingly, it has more health-benefiting properties than that in an apple. Tomatoes are one of the low-calorie vegetables containing just 18 calories per 100 g. They are also very low in any fat contents and have zero cholesterol levels. Nonetheless, they are excellent sources of antioxidants, dietary fibre, minerals, and vitamins. Because of their all-round qualities, dieticians and nutritionists often recommend them to be included in cholesterol controlling and weight reduction programs. The antioxidants present in tomatoes are scientifically found to be protective of cancers, including colon, prostate, breast, endometrial, lung, and pancreatic tumours. Health Benefits of Tomatoes can be read all over the Internet. Of course the nutrition and health benefit will depend on whether eaten raw or cooked the options are endless and whilst often used as a vegetable it is actually a fruit.

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