There are those that either love Beetroot of hate it with a passion either because of the colour or maybe even childhood memories. Despite all of this it is featuring very highly now and much research is being done about the health qualities that it has. It is high in Fibre, having numerous detected nutrients, minerals and health assisting nitrates. Claims include that it can help with High Blood Pressure, boost energy, improve circulation, and protect the body from cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Not only that the leaves are packed with Vitamin A & K and one cup can provide 4gms of protein.

So all in all it is a pretty useful addition to the diet. It is also very easy to grow in your garden. Obviously if you can’t then buy fresh and cook yourself – canned or jarred varieties are fine but not as highly concentrated in nutritional value as the process reduces this.

If you have the internet, then do research more of the many qualities they are discovering and add it to your culinary productions. It has so many uses indeed either raw or cooked. In Salads or it can be roasted as a vegetable with Sunday Luncheon. I grated some fresh the other evening and mixed with Horseradish Sauce as an accompaniment to a Courgette and Leek Frittata. You can even Juice it – but it does need something with it to compliment its earthy taste – not to every bodies liking!

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If you grow it or buy it fresh then do use it fairly quickly. Wash, boil & simmer till tender, cool and then peel off the skins carefully and store in the fridge. You can slice it and add vinegar – maybe add some sliced onion. Use as a garnish for Roast Beef or with Salads.

Beetroot and Brie on Toast 
Sliced cooked Beetroot
Bread Slices – A good bread like Ciabatta, French or Multigrain Spelt
Butter or olive Oil
Spread Butter or drizzle olive Oil onto the bread
Top with Sliced Beetroot
Top with the Cheese
Grill until golden
Top with chopped Chives or sliced Spring Onion
As a starter you could garnish with some Salad Leaves or even the Beetroot Leaves drizzled with Vinaigrette.